Debbie Simpson is an accomplished Aircraft Mechanic and a pioneer in her field. Few women can boast over thirty-three years of hands-on technical aircraft expertise. She is here to tell the world that UPS does harass and discriminate against vocal female employees.

A legacy obliterated with the strike(s) of a pen, outright lies and the most heinous retaliatory targeting thinkable, followed by the most egregious cover-UPS imaginable.

This true story is about a female aircraft maintenance technician that worked for one of the most powerful companies in America and the consequences she faced for standing up and speaking out against harassment within the workplace. The consequences were: employee entries, warning letter(s), retaliation, intimidation, suspension, the constant real threat of termination and eventual termination.

Management left a paper trail that could have indicted the pope. But UPS didn't go after the pope, they went after Debbie Simpson with a vengeance. The question is: WHY her? Other mechanics did much worse but were treated more favorably. What did she do to warrant the screaming, vulgar language, stalking and constant never-ending abuse?

A sure case of domestic violence in the workplace. The discrimination and retaliation droned on for years and years and it did not stop until Debbie Simpson could no longer safely perform the job she dearly loved.

The corporate lynch mob never tired - always watchful and vigilant - waiting for their next opportunity to target their prey. It's a downright shameful saga.

In her book, Debbie exposes the hardships she faced not only at UPS but throughout her entire aviation career while doing this so-called "mans" job.

And don’t even think about raising discriminatory issues within or outside of the UPS corporate system because they have the power to make life absolutely unbearable. Ms. Simpson can attest to the egregious retaliation foisted on her by those “in charge.” She has undeniable proof that UPS lied under oath - on more than one occasion - to cover-up their crimes. And they have plenty of well-paid career attorneys to take care of people like her.

Ms. Simpson was driven from her place of employment, her home and the state where she resided. The UPS corporate lynch was not in the habit of taking prisoners. Destroying lives is their real goal when any employee challenges their authority.

LISTEN to a short audio of an interrogation if you want to know what it’s like to work for one of the “most admired companies” in America. Duping the public into believing that they are just, righteous and fair is their greatest masterpiece of all time. But it’s also their greatest fraud and their biggest lie.

As you turn the pages and follow Debbie on her journey through the last ten years of her employment nightmare with UPS, remember that everything they did too Ms. Simpson they did with absolute impunity. Harassment and retaliation weren’t their biggest crimes - lying about it was.

United Parcel Service - A corporation hell bent on destroying her good name to save their public image. Aircraft maintenance is still a "mans" job and this mega corporation vehemently set out to dispel that "mans" job myth even if they had to destroy Ms. Simpson to do it.

Find out what happens in the middle of the night - behind closed doors - on UPS property.

Prepare to be shocked.

The Book UPS doesn't want you to Read and the Story they don't want you to Hear