Ms. Vulgar

Here she comes. Hide the children.

On second thought, hide everybody.


What can I say about the employee relations manager Brown sent my way other than she was the most shameful, obnoxious woman I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Also not surprising is the fact that she was pretty high up on the UPS food chain. Her disgusting comments and questions were by far the most detestable words I’d ever heard during my thirty-three years of working with men. And believe you me I’ve heard it all and been called it all.

But I do have to say that her comments were my all time UPS favorite. I’d be difficult for any corporation, or person for that matter, to top what she said to me that day in the conference room in Las Vegas, Nevada but I’m sure UPS is currently working on something grand, something spectacular, something to go beyond and even outdo what Ms. Vulgar said to me on or about February 2007.

Enjoy a short excerpt from Chapter 11 – Ms. Vulgar:


Donoghue turned to the letter I had written to the UPS board – the letter that had landed me in this meeting in the first place – and began to read.

“Can you explain something for me, Debbie?”

I just stared at her.

“Can you tell me the difference between saying, ‘I’ve got a hard on just for you’ and telling someone ‘fuck you’?”

I shook my head in disbelief over what I’d just heard. There I was sitting in the same room with this disgusting, vile, revolting United Parcel Service human resources representative, and she wanted me to debate the appropriateness of two totally incongruous pieces of profanity…

“I mean,” she continued, “when you tell somebody ‘fuck you,’ does that mean you want to fuck ’em?” Obviously this corporate representative was there to outdo all the other men in her class….



This was my life at UPS.