The Stalker

The UPS Stalker definitely enjoyed terrorizing me on-the-job, and UPS paid him to do it.

Around June 2004, the harassment and stalking got so bad that I had to file a police report with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. Why did UPS leave me alone with my Stalker the very next night?

Enjoy a short excerpt from Chapter 8 – Corporate Interrogation Techniques:

… Almost every day after that enhanced corporate interrogation, Underwood followed me around. Everywhere. I dealt with this as civilly as I could until June 16, 2004. That was the day Underwood finally broke the camel’s back.

It was my turn to take an inbound Airbus that day. I approached the job as I always do: by performing a visual walk-around first. Even as I inspected the aircraft, Underwood drove up in his car and parked just beneath the left wing. Oh, how he lived to intimidate. I remember Jeff pulled up on his bicycle shortly thereafter.

“Watch this guy,” I said disbelievingly as I pointed toward Underwood.

Jeff nodded his understanding but then continued on as if I hadn’t said anything. He pulled around the corner of the blast fence, peering around to watch unseen.

Meanwhile I felt chills creeping up and down my spine as I performed my work under Underwood’s watchful gaze. When I started walking upstairs to the cockpit, he threw his car into drive and began rolling away. For a moment I felt relief wash over me as if my stalker had finally left. But no. Instead of taking off, he pulled around to the other side of the plane and parked the car at a vantage from which he could see into the cockpit. My estranged supervisor had a bead on me. I was in his line of sight.

That was it for me. I’d reached my breaking point. I called Cryer at home, my hands quivering as I pushed the buttons on my phone….